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12 năm 5 tháng trước #448 bởi dotle
such an interesting subject to debate about kept me up all night. Now i look like a panda hahaha.

From my understanding, if you could prove me wrong or find a better definition then i'll surrender.But it's all good learning.

Taking a sickie really mean take a day of work sick. Paid to be off work for beening sick.

However alot of people take this as an opportunities to take it off (claiming they sick when they are not)so they can catch up on other work at home or like some Go to the beach or spend the day with family members and still get paid.

[Permanent, full-time and part-time
employees are entitled to paid sick
leave on account of illness]So within a calender year employees get so many... So why not take a sickie when your not sick right?you get paid for it. Its a dishonest thing but people do it.If I'm an employer and an employee take a sickie to go to the beach I wont be too happy.

A speach used between colleague "My girlfriend's birthday is tomorrow i'll take a sickie tomorrow" "I'm sick of this work I'll take a sickie"

I guess it's "Australian like" to take sickie when they not.Personally I'll take a sickie if i'm really sick of my work and sick of my boss hehe pay back :P But other than that moral wise I wont do it

Here is an explain like so [Party on Sunday night and on Monday you still have the hang over you'll call in sick that's call a sickie take the day of work to sleep in] okay I better stop before I confuse myself haha

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